Compiled by Sara E. Lewis
From an index to the Virginia Gazette, produced in 1950 by Lester J. Cappon and Stella F. Duff of the Institute of Early American History and Culture (Omohundro Institute) with additional Gloucester (including Kingston Parish) material not captured by the indexers. Annual lists of world events put local listings in context. Please review primary source material before citing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

October 12, 1752 - Moore, Johnson, Dixon, Jillet, Matthews, Booker, Loyal, Levant, Allen, Binks, Lane, Wilkinson, Humphrey, Peake, Thompkins

NEWBERN, August 28. About a Fortnight ago, was committed to Goal in the Town, Four Men, viz. Patrick Moore, a Taylor by Trade, Daniel Johnson, alias Dixon, a Chymist, or Doctor, William Jillet, a Blacksmith, and Peter Matthews; for making bad Money: They were taken by the Sheriff of the County, at Peter Matthew’s House, about 30 Miles from this Town near to which, in a great Swamp, they had erected a Forge, and prepared Moulds and other Materials for making Doubloons, Pistoles, Pieces of Eight, and half Pisteroons: There were some of the Doubloons, a Pistole, Pieces of Eight, and half Pisteroons found upon them, but so badly done as not to be easily imposed upon any Body; which may be owing to the timely Discovery of the Plot, which prevented their finishing them in the Manner they intended; for the Similitude as to Size, is very exact, only they are much wanting in Colour, which perhaps was to have been the finishing Stroke. Patrick Moore, who upon his Examination, seems to give the clearest Evidence, says, That he liv’d in Virginia, and work’d at his Trade, at the House of Richard Booker in Glocester County, where the said Daniel Johnson, alias Dixon, and William Jillet resorted; that the said Booker gave him the said Moore a small Boat, with Provisions sufficient, to bring the said Johnson, alias Dixon, and William Jillet, with their Bellows, Hammers, Moulds, and other Materials for making Money, into this Province; which he accordingly did about two Months since, and landed them up Neuse River, from whence they travelled to the House of the said Peter Matthews, as above, set up their Forge, and were proceeding to the good Work; and would, in all Probability, have plyed us plentifully with Doubloons, Pistoles, and Pieces of Eight, had not the Plot been timely discovered.


Entereed Inwards, in York River,

Octo. 5. Snow Frances, Paul Loyal, enters to load for London.
Octo. 9. Snow Levant, of Bristol, James McMurdo, from Callabar in Africa, with 184 Negroe Slaves, & 700 Weight of Ivory.
Octo. 9. John & Mary, Anthony Allen, from Lisbon, in Ballast.

Cleared Outwards.

Octo. 4. Lightfoor, William Binks, for London, with 287 Hhds. of Tobacco, 6000 Staves, 23 Pair of Oars, 1 Bay & 1 Trunk of Gingsang.
Octo. 4. Molly, Isaac Lane, for London, 205 Hhd. of Tobacco, 5 Hhds, of Deerskins, 5000 Staves, 12 Tons of Pig Iron, 30 Pair of Oars, 1000 lbs. of Sassafras, 60 lbs of old Pewter, 14 lbs. Bees-wax, & 7 Elephants Teeth.
Octo. 5. Boyne, William Wilkinson, for Liverpool, with 107 Hhds. of Tobacco, 24,000 Staves, & 150 Gallons of Rum.
Octo. 10. Providence, William Humphrey, for Providence, with 400 lbs. of Gun-powder, 1000 Feet of Plank, 1700 lbs. of Iron, & 500 Poultry.


York, Sept. 28, 1752. THE Subsciber, intending shortly to leave York Town, and having met with several Inconveniences by being kept out of his just Debts, several of which are of a long Standing, by which Means he has been disabled from satisfying his Ceditors, gives this public Notice to all Persons indebted to him to pay their respective Ballances before the 30th of October next, or they may depend on being sued for the same. -----He takes this Opportunity of returning his Thanks to all his Customers for their Favours, and hopes they will continue their Custom to the same Shop, where they may bepend on being well serv’d by good Workmen. He has two Negroe Boys, about 15 Years of Age, that can shave and dress, and a very good House Wench, to dispose of, for ready Money, or short Credit. The Terms may be known by applying to

William Peake.

N.B. He has likewise impower’d Mr. John Thompkins, of Gloucester, to receive his debts, and to bring Suits against those that delay Payment.