Compiled by Sara E. Lewis
From an index to the Virginia Gazette, produced in 1950 by Lester J. Cappon and Stella F. Duff of the Institute of Early American History and Culture (Omohundro Institute) with additional Gloucester (including Kingston Parish) material not captured by the indexers. Annual lists of world events put local listings in context. Please review primary source material before citing.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

January 10, 1752 - Whiting, Page, Bristow, Hood, Willis

We have receiv’d an Account of the following Gentlemen being elected Burgesses, to serve in the General Assembly, wiz.
For York, Mr. John Norton, Mr. Dudley Digges
City of Williamsburg, Mr. Armistead Burwell
James-City, Mr. Carter Burwell, Mr. Benjamin Waller
Gloucester, Mr. Beverly Whiting, Mr. John Page.


Ran away from the Plantation of Robert Bristow, Esq; in Gloucester County, about the Middle of December last, a lusty well made Negro Man, named Sam, about 5 Feet 6 Inches high, about 35 Years old; had on when he went away a dark color’d Coat, a Cotton Waistcoat and Breeches, Plaid Stockings and plain Shoes. And as a Schooner and a Sloop went from the said Plantation (belonging to Mr. John Hood, of Prince George County) about the Time the said Negroe ran away, there is Reason to believe he is gone in one of them. Whoever will apprehend and convey him to the above-mention’d Plantation, shall have Five Pounds Reward, besides what the Law allows, paid by Francis Willis, Sen.

1752 Events Around the World

February 11 - Pennsylvania Hospital, the first in Colonial America, is opened.

June 6 - Third fire in Moscow in 2 weeks; 1/3 of the city is destroyed.

September 2 - The last day of Julian calendar in Britain and its colonies. The next day is September 14, according to the Gregorian calendar. During the Middle Ages, astronomers and mathematicians observed that the calendar year was not completely accurate with matching solar years. Errors in the Julian calendar were noted by church officials and scholars because church holidays did not occur in their appropriate seasons. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII (1502–85), who was pope from 1572 to 1585, and his astronomer and mathematician created a new, reformed calendar known as the Gregorian or New Style (N.S.) calendar. It was adopted first in Roman Catholic countries. Protestant countries adopted the calendar during the eighteenth century. In order to make the calendar adjustment, eleven days were dropped from the month of September 1752. An eleven-day adjustment in 1752 was needed because one more day had been lost since the calendar was changed in 1582. The year 1751 began on 25 March and ended on 31 December 1751. The first day of the year was now January 1st and the last day was December 31st—the calendar we use today. Thus, 2 September 1752 was followed by 14 September 1752.

Monday, July 26, 2010

December 12, 1751 - Hubard, Power, Cappes, Tatem, Greenway, Baker, Livingston, Thompson, Seaton, Henderson, Price

Entries, in York River, from November 10 to December 10, 1751.
Nov. 16. Kingston, George Hubard, from Antigua.
18. Judith, Jeffery Power, from Barbados.
20. Martha, John Cappes, from London.
27. Recover, David Tatem, from Bermuda.
30. Polly, William Greenway, from Philadelphia.
Dec. 9. St. George, Richard Baker, from St. Christophers.

Cleared Outwards.
Nov. 14. John, John Livingston, for Rappahanock.
19. John & Eleanor, John Thompson, for Maryland.
20. Elizabeth, Charles Seaton, for London.
26. Peggy, Alexander Henderson, for Providence.
Dec. 3. Kingston, Thomas Price, for Madeira.

November 14, 1751 - Thomson, Whiterong, Hardtman, Hamilton, Wall, Mitchell, Livingston, Purden, Mudie, Beattie, Noel, Hazlewood, Reade, Rootes

Entries, in York River, from October 10 to November 10, 1751.
Octo. 11. Schooner John and Eleanor, John Thomson from Barbados.
13. Sloop Fanny, William Whiterong, from Barbados.
14. Brigt. Jane, Isaac Hardtman, from St. Christophers.
28. Ship Murdock, Robert Hamilton, from Halifax.
30. Brigt. Laetitia, John Wall, from Barbadoes and Madeira.
Nov. 1. Sloop May-Flower, Henry Mitchell, from Bermuda.
5. Sloop John, John Livingston, from Rhode-Island.

Cleared Outwards.
Octo. 11. Ship Elizabeth, Edward Purden, for London.
12. Brigt. Abington, James Mudie, for Maryland.
14. Snow Thomas and Betty, Robert Beattie, for Montrose.
26. Snow Pamunkey, Edward Noel, for Maryland.
Nov. 9. Ship Sandwich, Thomas Hazlewood, for London.


On Friday the 13th of December next, at Gloucester Court-House, will be Sold at Auction, a Parcel of choice Virginia born Slaves, several Books, some Horses and other Stock, belonging to the Estate of the late Rev. Mr. John Reade. Six Months Credit will be allowed, the Purchaser giving Bond and good Security, to Philip Rootes.

October 17, 1751 - Harvie, Dinwiddie, Coutts, Walker, Trenchard, Smith

The Caledonia, Capt. Harvie, is arrived in Rappahanock, in five Weeks from London, who advises us, that the Honourable Robert Dinwiddie, Esq; our Governor, sail’d on Board Capt. Coutts, a Week before him, so that we are in daily Expectation of his Arrival.

We are advised likewise of the Arrival of the Virginian, Walker, and the True Patriot, Trenchard, at Bristol; the Lightfoot, Binks, at London, and the new Prince William, Smith, at Glasgow.


A Merchant in London, in a Letter to a Gentleman here, desires him to advise those concern’d in Tobacco, to take Care it is tied up in Bundles, and not laid loose in the Hogshead; as several of the Foreign Markets will not buy it in that Manner, and those that do, will give but a very low Price for it. We insert this as a Direction to the Planters, before they carry their new Crop to be inspected.

October 11, 1751 - Necks, Mudie, Robinson, Gawith, Johnston

Entries, in York River, from September 10 to October 8, 1751
Sept. 20. Brigt. Kingston, Robert Necks, from Barbados.
Octo. 1. Brigt. Abington, James Mudie, from Curisoe.

Cleared Outwards.
Sept. 19. Ship Baltimore, Robert Robinson, for London.
Octo. 3. Ship Nassau. John Gawith, for Liverpool.
Octo. 3. Snow Neptune, George Johnston, for Dumfries.

October 3, 1751 - McCunn, Dunlop, Shannan, Dick, Robertson, Thornton, Nicholson, Steel, Rothery, Modrewelt, Noell, Stith, Casson, Campbell, Troy

Entered Inwards, in the Port of Rappahanock.
June 27. Greenock, McCunn, from Glasgow.
President, Dunlop, form Boston.
July 9. Mary, Shannan, from Cape D’Verd.
July 15. Dutchess of Queensbury, Dick, form London.
July 19. Fredericksburgh, Robertson, form Madeira & Barbados.
July 22. Speedwell, Thornton, from Barbados.
America, Nicholson, from Liverpool.
July 25. Cochrane, Steel, from Burdeaux.
Rose, Rothery, from Whitehaven.
July 26. Jean, Modrewelt, from Glasgow.
Aug. 12. Mobjack, Noell, from Antigua.
Aug. 15. Charming Peggy, Stith, from Liverpool.
Septr. 4. Gale, Casson, from Halifax.
Octob. 1. Anderson, Campbell, from Philadelphia.
Octob. 4. Polly, Troy, from Dublin.

Cleared Outwards.
July 14. Betty, Smith, for Maryland.
July 24. Clyde, Boyd, for Glasgow.
Susanna, Lang, for Ditto.
July 30. Planter, Lowes, for Whitehaven.
July 31. Jean, Modrevelt, for Maryland.
Aug. 2. Boyd, Campbell, for Glasgow.
Richmond. Smithson, for Whitehaven.
Aug. 3. Ruby, Gordon, for Aberdeen.
Nelly, Galbraith, for Glasgow.
Aug. 6. Prince Frederick, Rogers, for Bristol.
Anna, Thompson, for Aberdeen.
Aug. 7. Margaret, Crawford, for Glasgow.
Aug. 12. Friendship, Patterson, for Ditto.
Aug. 14. Sandwich, Hazelwood, for York River.
Aug. 16. Mayflower, Gilliat, for Whitehaven.
Aug. 17. How, Waters, for Ditto.
Aug. 22. Mattie, Orr, for Glasgow.
Aug. 27. Adventure, Melvin, for Aberdeen.
Aug. 28. President, Dunlop, for Glasgow.
Septr. 3. Planter, Elphinston, for Antigua.
Fredericksburgh, Robertson, for Barbados.
Septr. 4. Brayton, Harrison, for Whitehaven
Septr. 6. Greenock, McCunn, for Glasgow.
Septr. 13. Harrison, Randolph, for London.
Septr. 20. Tayloe, Galishell, for London.
Septr. 24. Ranger, Trons, for North Carolina.
Rose, Rothery, for Whitehaven.
Octob. 1 The Si’denham, for London; the Speedwell, for Liverpool; and the C______ and Maryebeth for Glasgow, are ready to sail.


STRAY’D from the Subscriber, in Gloucester County, about the Middle of June last; a large dark Bay draught Horse, branded on the far Shoulder A. Whoever brings him to me, or gives me Intelligence, so that I may have him again shall have Half a Pistole Reward, paid by
Ralph Finch.

September 19, 1751 - Whitwell, Trounser

ALL Masters and other Persons concern’d in Ships, may be supplied with the best Ship Bread, at the Bake House on Purton Bay, in York River, at the lowest Price.


RAN away from his Majesty’s Ship Triton, Captain Matthew Whitwell Commander, now lying in York River, Samuel Trounser, age 32 Years, 5 Feet Six Inches and a half high, of a fresh Complection, bald Head, lost the Use of his Fore-Finger on the Right Hand, has a large Scar on his right Arm, well made, wears a Wig or Cap. Whoever apprehends the said Samuel Trounser, and secures him so as he may be conducted to his Majesty’s Ship Triton, I promise a Reward of Four Pistoles for the apprehending the said Samuel Trounser, over and above the common Allowance for apprehending Deserters, to be paid on his being delivered on board His Majesty’s Ship Triton.
Matthew Whitwell.

August 16, 1751 - Patterson, Hood, Delony, Power, Patterson, Twentyman, Price, Johnson

Entries, in York River, from July 20 to August 10, 1751.
Aug. 3. Snow Sally & Patty, Robert Patterson, a new Vessel.
Aug. 10. Ship Saint Andrew, Alexander Hood, for Bristol.

Cleared Outwards.
July 30. Sloop Johnny, James Matt. Delony, for Providence.
Aug. 1. Sloop Judith, Jeffery Power, for Barbados.
Aug. 3. Snow Sally & Patty, Robert Patterson, for London.
Aug. 5. Snow Monmouth, Henry Twentyman, for Liverpool.
Aug. 6. Ship Honourable Creditors, Thomas Price, for Liverpool.
Aug. 6. Snow Pretty Sally, Matt. Johnson, for London.

July 25, 1751 - Cooper, Power, Carnegy, Perrin, Johnson, Purden, Delony, Thompson, Meriwether, Calvert, Necks, Mudie, Kelly, Neale, Saunders, Lang

Entries, in York River, from June 10 to July 20, 1751.
June 12. Ship Virginia Packet, Jacob Cooper, from Hull.
June 22. Sloop Judith, Jeffery Power, from Barbados.
June 26. Snow Denistonn, Patrick Carnegy, from Glasgow.
June 29. Sloop Merry Fellows, Thomas Perrin, from St. Kitts.
July 6. Snow Neptune, George Johnson, from Liverpool.
July 11. Ship Elizabeth, Edward Purden, from London.
July 13. Sloop Johnny, James Matthew Delony, from Barbados.

Cleared Outwards
June 12. Ship Brotherhood, John Thompson, for London.
June 18. Ship Lilly, David Meriwether, for Bristol.
July 1. Ship Johanna, Cornelius Calvert, for Bristol.
July 1. Brigt. Kingston, Robert Necks, for Barbados.
July 2. Brigt. Abington, James Mudie, for Barbados.
July 10. Ship Everton, Thomas Kelly, for Liverpool.
July 18. Ship Alderney, Pendock Neale, for London.
July 19. Ship Tryall, Abraham Saunders, for Bristol.
July 19. Ship Plymouth, George Lang, for Bristol.

June 20, 1751 - Ross, Bradley, Clarke, Champe, Whiting

THE Snow Rachel and Dorothy, Charles Ross, Commander, Burthen 200 Hogsheads, or more, now lying at West-Point, will sail for London in Sixty Days from her Arrival (the 30th of May): She will take in Tobacco with Liberty of Consignment, at 6 l. 10 s. Sterling per Ton Freight. Any Gentlemen inclinable to ship, in the said Vessel, are desir’d to send their Orders to the Subscribers, near Poropotank Warehouse, or to the Captain on Board. William Bradley. John Clarke.


IMPORTED last Year to York River, in the Hatly, A SMALL Box, marked 1C with a Figure 4 and Crows Foot, No. 14. Containing Two fine Beaver Hats, and Eight Pounds of Hyson Tea, which by Mistake is, I presume, landed some where on York. Any Person that can give Intelligence thereof, will much oblige Their most humble Servant, John Champe.


A Parcel of European Goods, just imported, and well sorted, to be SOLD, by Wholesale, very reasonably, at Glocester Town. Thomas Whiting.

June 13, 1751 - Dixon, Johnston, Saunders, Gawith, Twentyman, Calvert, Hill, Robinson, Ross, Mudie, Rogers, Smith, Trenchard, Thompson, Miller, Noel

Entries, in York River, from May 10 to June 10, 1751
May 17. Snow Amy, Thomas Dixon, from Barbados.
May 17. Sloop Stephen and John, Robert N____, from Barbados.
May 17. Snow Pretty Sally, M_____ Johnston, from Spain.
May 20. Ship Tryall, Abraham Saunders, from Africa, with 399 Slaves.
May 22. Ship Nassau, John Gawith, from Liverpool.
May 22. Snow Monmouth, Henry Twentyman, from Liverpool.
May 25. Ship Johanna, Cornelius Calvert, from James River, to load with Tobacco for Bristol.
May 31. Ship New Hatley, George Hill, from London.
May 31. Ship Baltimore, Robert Robinson, from London.
June 1. Snow Rachel and Dorothy, Charles Ross, from London, with white Servants of all ____/
June 3. Brigt. Abington, James Mudie, from Barbados, with Rum and Sugar.

Cleared Outwards.
May 14. Ship Prince Frederick, Thomas Rogers, for Rappahanock.
May 17. Ship Prince William, William Smith, for Glasgow.
May 29. Ship True Patriot, John Trenchard, for Bristol.
May 29. Schooner John and Eleanor, John Thompson, for Barbados.
June 3. Sloop John, Mason Miller, for Maryland.
June 3. Snow Pamunkey, Edward Noel, for Madeira.


Entred Inward, in the Port of Rappahanock.
May 30. Haw, of Whitehaven, Waters, from Whitehaven.
May 30. Sandwich, of London, Hazlewood, from Philadelphia.
June 3. Tayloe, of Virginia, Gaitshell, from Liverpool.
June 5. Brnyton, of Whitehaven, Harrison, from Whitehaven.
June 6. Ruby, of Aberdeen, Gordon, from Aberdeen.

Cleared Outward.
June 1. Radbourn, Ward, for Liverpool.
June 3. Clery, Micow, for Maryland.
June 4. Dunlop, Alexander, for James River.

May 30, 1751 - Ward, Alexander, Lowes, Noell, Thomson, Smithson, Melvin, Wilcox, Clark, Foster, Noell

Entred Inwards, in the Port of Rappahanock.
April 1. Radbourn, Ward, from Liverpool.
April 16. Dunlop, of Glasgow, Alexander, from Barbados.
May 3. Planter, of Whitehaven, Lowes, from Whitehaven.
May 3. Mobjack, of Virginia, Noell, from York.
May 17. Anna, of Aberdeen, Thomson, from London.
May 18. Richmond, of Whitehaven, Smithson, from Whitehaven.
May 23. Adventure, of Aberdeen, Melvin, from Aberdeen.
May 25. Sid’nham, of London, Wilcox, from London.

Cleared Ouwards.
April 18. Alexander and Anne, Clark, for Aberdeen.
May 6. Branstey, Foster, for Whitehaven.
May 11. Mobjack, Noell, for Barbados.

May 16, 1751 - Saunders, Johnston, Magrath, Land, Rogers, Price, Honnon, Allison, Whitterong, Crawford, Perry, Henstey, Binkes, Nedels

Last Night arriv’d in York River the Tryal, Capt. Abraham Saunders, from Angola, with near 400 Slaves, consign’d to Messrs. Rootes and Hill. ‘Tis said she has buried very few, and that they are all exceeding healthy.


The ------, Capt. Johnston, is arriv’d in York River.


Entries , in York River, from April 10 to May 10, 1751.
April 27. Brigt. Kingston, James Magrath, from Barbados.
April 29. Ship Plymouth, Geo. Land, from Isle of Man.
April 29. Ship Prince Frederick, Thomas Rogers, from Bristol.
April 29. Ship Honourable Creditors, Thomas Price, a new Vessel, enters to load with Tobacco, for Great-Britain.
May 3. Ship Phoenix, Reubin Honnon, from the Streights.
May 9. Snow St. Paul, Joseph Allison, from Hampton, to load with Tb.
May 10. Schooner John and Eleanor, William Whitterong, from Barbados.
May 10. Ship Nancy Warren, Archibald Crawford, from Madeira.

Cleared Outwards.
April 29. Ship Annie, William Perry, for Bristol.
April 30. Brigt. Sarah and Elizabeth, Penhellick Henstey, for Bristol.
April 30. Snow Lightfoot, William Binkes, for London.
May 7. Snow Kingston, John Nedels, for Maryland.

March 28, 1751 - Kelley, Thornton

The Everton, Capt. Kelley, from Liverpool, is arriv’d in York River.


The Subscriber having undertaken to keep the Ferry at Capahosack, gives Notice, That the said Ferry for the future shall be kept in the best Manner, having provided a good Boat, and a sufficient Number of Hands for the Purpose, and a very large Canoe for putting over Footmen, or such as don’t choose to cross with Horses. Also keeps a Public House at the said Ferry, where all Gentlemen may be well accommodated, and depend on meeting with all possible Dispatch in crossing the said Ferry; and on making a Smoak on the other Side of the River, the Boat will be immediately sent.
William Thornton.

March 21, 1751 - McLean, Foster, Bennett, Rains, Wall, Robertson, Parsons, Bennett

Entred Inwards, in the Port of Rappahanock.
Feb. 18. William, of Irvine, McLean, from Hampton.
Feb. 18. Bransty, of Whitehaven, Foster, from Hampton
Mar. 4. Hopewell, Bennett, of and from Maryland.

Cleared Outwards.
Feb. 18. Charming Betty, Rains, for Bermuda.
Feb. 26. Letitia, Wall, for Aberdeen.
Mar. 2. Fredericksburg, Robertson, for Madeira.
Mar. 8. Pink ------, Parsons, for Boston.
Mar. 11. Hopewell, Bennett, for Maryland.

March 14, 1751 - Meriwether, Thompson, Bingham, Perrin, Nickel, Washington

Entred Inwards, in York River
Feb. 19. Ship Lilly, David Meriwether, from Bristol.
Feb. 21. Ship Brotherhood, John Thompson, from Philadelphia
Feb. 25. Sloop Stephen and John, Stephen Bingham, _______.
Feb. 27. Sloop Merry Fellow, Thomas Perrin, from Bristol.
Mar. 2. Ship True Patriot, _________________, from Bristol.

Cleared Outwards.
Feb. 26. Sloop Stephen and John, Robert Nickel, for Barbados.
Mar. 2. Sloop War____, William Washington, for Maryland.
Mar. 6. Snow John and Mary, An________, for Boston.

March 7, 1751 - Dixon, Whiting

The Dutchess of Queensbury, Dixon; on her Passage Home, receiv’d much Damage; and having four Feet Water in her Hold, was oblig’d to put into Portsmouth, and there unload.

The Gloucester, Whiting, was likewise much damag’d, and put into Cowes.

February 21, 1751 - Briggs

Ran away on the 4th Instant, from the Subscriber, in Glocester, a Negroe Man, named George; had on when he went away a Fear-nothing Waistcoat, blue Breeches, Pladd Hose, and a Pair of Shoes: He carried off a Canoe, and is suppos’e to be gone to Rappahanock. Whoever takes him up, and conveys him to me, shall have a Pistole Reward, besides what the Law allows.
John Briggs.

February 14, 1751 - Hensley, Smith, Vans, Robinson, Lewis

Entred Inwards, in York River.
January 30. Brigantine Sarah and Elizabeth, of Bristol, Penhellick Hensley, Master, from St. Martins.

Cleared Outwards.
February 1. Sloop Robert, of Bermuda, William Smith, for Bermuda.
February 1. Schooner Tryal, of Virginia, Hugh Vans, for Barbados.
Cleared Outwards, in the Port of Rappahanock.
February 2. Nancy, of Dublin, Smith, for Aberdeen.
February 13. Mary, of Bermuda, Robinson, for Bermuda.


RAN away from the Subscriber, living in Glocester County, a likely young Woman, named Kitty, about 20 Years of Age; she formerly was a Servant in the Governor’s Family, and is supposed to be about Williamsburg. Whoever apprehends and conveys the said Servant to me, shall have Two Pistoles Reward, besides what the Law allows.
Warner Lewis.

February 7, 1751

Notice is hereby given, That on Wednesday the 27th Day of this Month a Vestry will be held at Abington Church in the County of Gloucester, in order to contract with Workmen, for building a new Church in the said Parish.

January 31, 1751 - Smith, Leslie, Allen, Larcy, Witten, Perrin, Leslie, Spencer

Entred Inwards, in York River.
Jan. 1. Ship Prince William, of Glasgow, a new Vessel, W. Smith Master.
Jan. 1. Snow London, of Virginia, a new Vessel, Alex. Leslie Master
Jan. 24. Snow John and Mary, of Virginia, Anthony Allen, from Jamaica.

Cleared Outwards.
Jan. 2. Schooner Speedwell, of Maryland, Joseph Larcy, for Maryland.
Jan. 14. Sloop Susanna and Mary, of Bermuda, Rich. Witten, for Bermuda.
Jan. 14. Sloop Merry Fellows, of Virginia, Thomas Perrin, for Barbados.
Jan. 18. Snow London, of Virginia, Alexander Leslie, for Lisbon.
Jan. 18. -------- Dutchess, of London, Samuel Spencer, for James River.

January 10, 1751 - Yuille, Montgomery, Gordon

THE Snow Pelham, George Yuille, Master, now lying in York River, is ready to take in Tobacco to any Merchant in London, at the Rate of Seven Pounds per Ton. Gentlemen inclinable to ship are desired to leave their Orders with Mr. Montgomery at York, Mr. Archibald Gordon at Newcastle, or with the master on board the Snow, at Holt’s.

N.B. The above Snow has a Charter of 320 Hogsheads: The Notes to be deliver’d to the Master before the 1st of February; and carries no more than 400 Hogsheads.

1747-1751 Events from Around the World

There are no known surviving copies of Virginia Gazette newspapers printed between late 1746 and early 1751.


During 1747, James Lind discovers that citrus fruits prevent scurvy. Samuel Johnson begins work on a Dictionary of the English Language. Liverpool became the busiest slave trading port in Britain, overtaking Bristol.

January 31 - The first venereal disease clinic opens in London.

May 14 and October 25 - In the War of Austrian Succession, a first and second battle of Cape Finisterre is fought between French and British fleets.

May 16 - Prince Willem V becomes admiral-general of Netherlands.

December 9 - England and Netherlands sign military treaty.


April 1 - Ruins of Pompeii found.

August 15 - United Lutheran Church of US organized.

October 18 - Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ends War of Austrian Succession.


In 1749, George Washington received his first official appointment- as surveyor of Culpepper County, Virginia.

April 27 - First performance of Handel's Fireworks Music in Green Park, London.

May 19 - George II grants charter to Ohio Company to settle Ohio Valley.


1750 is the year in which the Industrial Revolution is deemed to have begun and the world population is approximately 791 million people. In 1750, Benjamin Franklin sent up a kite during a thunderstorm and established that lightning is a form of electricity. A Welshman opened the first modern shoe factory in Lynn, Massachusetts. The population of the United States in about 18 million people. The Spanish treasure ship La Galga sank; it is believed that the wild ponies of Chincoteague Island, Virginia, came from this ship. William Randolph III began Wilton mansion on the James River in Virginia.

May 25 - Khurasan is renamed Afghanistan.

July 28 - Composer Johann Sebastian Bach died in Leipzig, Germany, and the age of 65.


March 16 - James Madison (d.1836), Jefferson’s successor as secretary of state and fourth president of the United States (1809-17), was born in Port Conway, Virginia.

April 20 - George III succeeds his father as heir-apparent to the British throne.

September 28 - George Washington, age 19, accompanies his sick older half-brother Lawrence to Barbados because they were advised that the island’s climate might help restore Lawrance's ill health. The brothers left Virginia on September 28 and arrived at Bridgetown, Barbados, November 3. George, who survived the smallpox while in Barbados, left Lawrence on December 21 and arrived back in Virginia on January 28, 1752.

November 11 - The F.H.C. Society, also known as the Flat Hat Club, was formed at Raleigh Tavern, Williamsburg, Virginia. It was the first college fraternity.