Compiled by Sara E. Lewis
From an index to the Virginia Gazette, produced in 1950 by Lester J. Cappon and Stella F. Duff of the Institute of Early American History and Culture (Omohundro Institute) with additional Gloucester (including Kingston Parish) material not captured by the indexers. Annual lists of world events put local listings in context. Please review primary source material before citing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

May 16, 1751 - Saunders, Johnston, Magrath, Land, Rogers, Price, Honnon, Allison, Whitterong, Crawford, Perry, Henstey, Binkes, Nedels

Last Night arriv’d in York River the Tryal, Capt. Abraham Saunders, from Angola, with near 400 Slaves, consign’d to Messrs. Rootes and Hill. ‘Tis said she has buried very few, and that they are all exceeding healthy.


The ------, Capt. Johnston, is arriv’d in York River.


Entries , in York River, from April 10 to May 10, 1751.
April 27. Brigt. Kingston, James Magrath, from Barbados.
April 29. Ship Plymouth, Geo. Land, from Isle of Man.
April 29. Ship Prince Frederick, Thomas Rogers, from Bristol.
April 29. Ship Honourable Creditors, Thomas Price, a new Vessel, enters to load with Tobacco, for Great-Britain.
May 3. Ship Phoenix, Reubin Honnon, from the Streights.
May 9. Snow St. Paul, Joseph Allison, from Hampton, to load with Tb.
May 10. Schooner John and Eleanor, William Whitterong, from Barbados.
May 10. Ship Nancy Warren, Archibald Crawford, from Madeira.

Cleared Outwards.
April 29. Ship Annie, William Perry, for Bristol.
April 30. Brigt. Sarah and Elizabeth, Penhellick Henstey, for Bristol.
April 30. Snow Lightfoot, William Binkes, for London.
May 7. Snow Kingston, John Nedels, for Maryland.