Compiled by Sara E. Lewis
From an index to the Virginia Gazette, produced in 1950 by Lester J. Cappon and Stella F. Duff of the Institute of Early American History and Culture (Omohundro Institute) with additional Gloucester (including Kingston Parish) material not captured by the indexers. Annual lists of world events put local listings in context. Please review primary source material before citing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

October 3, 1751 - McCunn, Dunlop, Shannan, Dick, Robertson, Thornton, Nicholson, Steel, Rothery, Modrewelt, Noell, Stith, Casson, Campbell, Troy

Entered Inwards, in the Port of Rappahanock.
June 27. Greenock, McCunn, from Glasgow.
President, Dunlop, form Boston.
July 9. Mary, Shannan, from Cape D’Verd.
July 15. Dutchess of Queensbury, Dick, form London.
July 19. Fredericksburgh, Robertson, form Madeira & Barbados.
July 22. Speedwell, Thornton, from Barbados.
America, Nicholson, from Liverpool.
July 25. Cochrane, Steel, from Burdeaux.
Rose, Rothery, from Whitehaven.
July 26. Jean, Modrewelt, from Glasgow.
Aug. 12. Mobjack, Noell, from Antigua.
Aug. 15. Charming Peggy, Stith, from Liverpool.
Septr. 4. Gale, Casson, from Halifax.
Octob. 1. Anderson, Campbell, from Philadelphia.
Octob. 4. Polly, Troy, from Dublin.

Cleared Outwards.
July 14. Betty, Smith, for Maryland.
July 24. Clyde, Boyd, for Glasgow.
Susanna, Lang, for Ditto.
July 30. Planter, Lowes, for Whitehaven.
July 31. Jean, Modrevelt, for Maryland.
Aug. 2. Boyd, Campbell, for Glasgow.
Richmond. Smithson, for Whitehaven.
Aug. 3. Ruby, Gordon, for Aberdeen.
Nelly, Galbraith, for Glasgow.
Aug. 6. Prince Frederick, Rogers, for Bristol.
Anna, Thompson, for Aberdeen.
Aug. 7. Margaret, Crawford, for Glasgow.
Aug. 12. Friendship, Patterson, for Ditto.
Aug. 14. Sandwich, Hazelwood, for York River.
Aug. 16. Mayflower, Gilliat, for Whitehaven.
Aug. 17. How, Waters, for Ditto.
Aug. 22. Mattie, Orr, for Glasgow.
Aug. 27. Adventure, Melvin, for Aberdeen.
Aug. 28. President, Dunlop, for Glasgow.
Septr. 3. Planter, Elphinston, for Antigua.
Fredericksburgh, Robertson, for Barbados.
Septr. 4. Brayton, Harrison, for Whitehaven
Septr. 6. Greenock, McCunn, for Glasgow.
Septr. 13. Harrison, Randolph, for London.
Septr. 20. Tayloe, Galishell, for London.
Septr. 24. Ranger, Trons, for North Carolina.
Rose, Rothery, for Whitehaven.
Octob. 1 The Si’denham, for London; the Speedwell, for Liverpool; and the C______ and Maryebeth for Glasgow, are ready to sail.


STRAY’D from the Subscriber, in Gloucester County, about the Middle of June last; a large dark Bay draught Horse, branded on the far Shoulder A. Whoever brings him to me, or gives me Intelligence, so that I may have him again shall have Half a Pistole Reward, paid by
Ralph Finch.