Compiled by Sara E. Lewis
From an index to the Virginia Gazette, produced in 1950 by Lester J. Cappon and Stella F. Duff of the Institute of Early American History and Culture (Omohundro Institute) with additional Gloucester (including Kingston Parish) material not captured by the indexers. Annual lists of world events put local listings in context. Please review primary source material before citing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

July 13, 1739 - Hurt, Reynolds, Belcher, Seabrook, Sibson

Enter’d in York River.
July 11. Ship Portland, of London, Cheney Hurt, Master, from London, and the Isle of May, with 4000 Bushels of Salt, one Chest and one Bale of Linen, and one Case of Felt Hats.

Clear’d out.
July 7. Ship Maynard, of London, Thomas Reynolds, Master, for London, with 473 Hogsheads of Tobacco, 7000 Staves, 800 Foot of Inch Plank, 2 Parcels of old Brass and Copper, and 45 Tons of Iron.
July 7. Ship Timothy and Jacob, of London, James Belcher, Master, for London, with 393 Hogsheads 1 Barrel of Tobacco, 550 Staves, 12 Pounds of Beaver, 35 Tons of Iron, and 2 or 3 Parcels of old Pewter and Brass.
July 7. Snow Mary, of London, James Hume, Master, for Madeira, with 4500 Bushels of Wheat, 4200 Pipe Staves, 5600 Shingles, 41 Barrels of Pork, and 2000 Foot of Inch Pine Plank.
July 11. Ship John, of London, Charles Seabrook, Master, for London, with 605 Hogsheads and 1 Tub of Tobacco, 51 Tons of Iron, 8500 Staves, 25 Pounds of Beaver Skins, and 23 undrest Deer Skins.


ALL Gentlemen, and others, who intend to ship their Tobacco in the Snow Black Prince, of London, now lying at York, John Sibson, Master, at the Rate of Six Pounds per Ton, are desir’d to send it on board by the last Day of this Month; he being determined not to take in any after that Time.