Compiled by Sara E. Lewis
From an index to the Virginia Gazette, produced in 1950 by Lester J. Cappon and Stella F. Duff of the Institute of Early American History and Culture (Omohundro Institute) with additional Gloucester (including Kingston Parish) material not captured by the indexers. Annual lists of world events put local listings in context. Please review primary source material before citing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

March 9, 1739 - Malbon, Tillidge, Coffin, Crane, Gwyn

Enter'd in York River.
Febr. 12. Ship Carter, of London, Samuel Malbon, Master, from London, and Madeira, having on board sundry European Goods, and 67 Pipes, 7 Hogsheads and 1 quarter Cask of Madeira Wine.
Febr. 19. Sloop Hopewell of Rhode-Island, having on board 88 Barrels of Cyder, 10 Hogsheads of Salt, 2 Casks of Cheese, 1 Box of English Goods, 4 Hogsheads of Rum, 2 Barrels of Molasses, 1 Barrel of Sugar, and 1 Negro Slave.

Clear'd out.
Febr. 4. Snow John and Mary, of Virginia, Richard Tillidge, Master, bound for Madeira, having on board 4977 Bushels of Wheat, 144 Bushels of Pease, and 2000 lb. of Bread.
Febr. 4. Sloop Dove, of New-England, Alexander Coffin, Master, bound for New-England, having on board 1000 Bushels of Corn, 150 Bushels of Pease, 30 Bushels of Bonavists, 1000 Barrel Staves, and 12 Bushels of Wheat.
March 4. Ship Bobby, of London, Henry Crane, Master for London, having taken on board in York River, 147 Hogsheads of Tobacco, 40 Tons of Iron, and 5000 Pipe, Hogshead,and Barrel Staves; the former Part of her cargo taken in at James River, for which she paid the Impost and Tonage of the said Vessel, and other Fees, &c.


To be Sold, for Fifty Pounds Current Money, A Tract of Land, containing Eight Hundred Acres, lying on a Branch of Pamunkey River, in Orange County; there is a fine Run of Water through the said Land for a Mill, the Land being sav'd, and is a fine Place for Stock, lies on a Main Road, about 25 Miles Distance from Fredericksburg. Any Person inclinable to purchase the said Tract, may see the Owner thereof, at Gloucester Court every Court Day, or at his House on Gwyn's Island, in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County. Daniel Gwyn.